401(k) Consulting

Because the responsibility of providing for retirement has shifted from that of employers to that of employees, retirement planning has increasingly become an important topic on employees’ minds.  However, even though most employers no longer provide traditional pension plans, they can still help their employees by offering a 401(k) plan and investment education services related to retirement planning. 

 Mike and his team of professionals can . . .

  • Set up a new 401(k) plan or redesign an existing 401(k) plan for businesses
  • Provide investment education services to company employees

Why is this important?  Employers can spend hours working with a third party administrator (TPA) to design a wonderful 401(k) plan, but if the plan isn’t effectively communicated to the employees, the employer oftentimes gets a less than desired participation rate, causing the 401(k) to become a cost rather than a benefit to the business.

Mike and his team provide value by . . .

  • Energizing employees by improving communication, education, and promotion of the 401(k) that can result in an immediate and profound impact on participation and the perceived value of the Plan.
  • Helping you as the employer gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Plan Sponsor, Plan Trustee, and HR staff with regard to Plan compliance.

For assistance with a 401(k), please email Mike or call him at (949) 221-8105 ext 2128.