Mike's Story

I've been in financial services since 1995. Some of the companies I've worked with were A.G. Edwards, Merrill Lynch, State Farm Insurance, The Pension Company, and Franklin Templeton Investments for about three years. I took a little break between that timeframe to go back to business school, did my MBA in finance at USC, came to Trilogy in 2002, and have been here ever since.

My background in finance with Franklin Templeton actually helped me out quite a bit because I'll be answering questions about what's a Mutual Fund and how does it work. And that relates over to Trilogy and being able to talk to clients and understand their concerns with their finances.

For me, being able to work with clients and telling them what they should be doing based on my own experiences doesn't feel like work a lot of times. It's just sharing with them what I do and my philosophies and things work out great!

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