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Mike Loo, MBA

Vice President of Investments

Podcast Episodes

Know Your Why For Investing

My “Why” is as a financial advisor and within my own family. Also, learn my 3 part mission statement as to what I aim to do for my clients.

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Leaving A Financial Legacy

A group discussion about what it means to leave a legacy and the important next steps you should take to work toward it.

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Beyond Medicare, The Truth About AMC

"Finishing Well" and the different types of Long Term Care plans. Statistics show that a lot of Americans will need to utilize a Long Term Care plan, so we need to start talking about it long before it is visible on the horizon.

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Decision Center: Will Your Money Last?

Changing trends in planning for your financial future. I cover a variety of topics including how the financial services industry has evolved over the last 20 years, my style of communication with clients, and balancing what you can spend vs what you should spend. 

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Investment Literacy And Risk

Target date funds, retirement, and even helping kids learn basic budgeting skills!

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The Most Important Factor In Your Finances? You!

Why I became an advisor, my best and worst financial decision, why I chose to work at Trilogy, and one thing which people don’t know about me.

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